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Financial Service Design

What is service design in finance and banking?

We can define service design as planning, organizing and optimizing interactions between a company and its customers. A service design company searches for issues in relation to a company and its customers and improves the customer experience by transforming the service.

The financial services design agency UXDA is focused on creating digital financial services. To architect a service that provides the best possible user experience, UXDA employs a financial UX design methodology created over 15 years and proven on 70+ financial institutions from 27 countries.

Financial services design significantly differs from other services, because finances are more complex and responsible. A lack of competence in finance software design could ruin a financial product, resulting in a significant loss of money, time and effort. That is why financial service design can be trusted only to top service design agencies, such as the UXDA financial design agency.

The best practices of service design in the financial industry can be found by analyzing Fintech service design. Fintech companies are typically extremely user centered to disrupt traditional banks and use an innovative approach to provide the best possible service to their financial customers.

Check out the best UXDA articles and insights about financial service design.

Carson UX Case Study: Crafting Purpose-Driven Platform for Financial Advisors

To ensure clients' dreams are realized through financial advisor strategies, Carson Group has created a powerful financial advisory platform and has become the frontrunner of purpose-driven financial innovations.

UX Case Study: Challenges of SME Banking Transformation

SME owners often face the challenge of adapting business strategy to a highly dynamic environment while simultaneously managing day-to-day financial operations. It's like Formula 1 racers, where only precise and quick decisions can save them from failure.

Magma UX Case Study: Digitalize NBA Players' Investments to Beat Market Volatility

UXDA designed a next-gen investment platform, for high-net-worth individuals. The aim was to create a quantitative hedge fund product to simplify and enhance the investment experience with cutting-edge technologies.

Goalry UX Case Study: Immersive Mall Experience Beyond Finance

Goalry approached UXDA with a very challenging idea - to design a digital financial shopping mall full of different products that help people reach their financial goals in an engaging and intuitive way. We created an innovative 3D dashboard for finance, aimed at further development in the Metaverse

Financial Services Design: Building Reputation for the Experience Economy

What is the most valuable thing in any company that can be built and developed over 20 years, but can be destroyed in five minutes? It is brand reputation.

Financial Product Design: Banks Could Learn from "Apple" Strategy

Apple tells us a fantastic story about how a small company that started out serving Silicon Valley became the largest and most famous company that forms our world. We believe that any financial brand can use Apple's design-driven approach to super-charge its business.

Core Banking UI Design That Will Change The Perception Of Service Design

Following the success of our article about banking back-office flaws, UXDA dared our team to create never-before-seen banking back-office financial UX designs that would clear a path to a different approach.

How to Choose the Best Banking Software Providers in Terms of UX

The digitalisation of the banking industry is rising, especially due to ready-to-use digital banking solutions provided by IT vendors. But are these solutions really best for their users? What threats can appear for the financial industry in the future...

UXDA Delivers Design for Best Digital Banking Platform Vendors

UXDA team is happy to see our partners between TOP11 global banking software vendors and is grateful for the opportunity to reinvent financial industry through customer-centered financial design.

User Experience Tips on How to Design Financial Product

Any successful business starts with a solution-to-solve problem, but not every solution is usable enough. So, what can be done?