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UX Design Review: What Private Wealth Systems Said About UXDA


UX Design Review: What Private Wealth Systems Said About UXDA

We were delighted to design the user experience for an exceptional product - wealth management platform for UHNWI for Private Wealth Systems. Thanks to the independent review platform Clutch, you have the opportunity to find out how this cooperation went on and read the interview with our client. The review collected by Clutch was given by the Founder of Private Wealth Systems based in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

About the Project

  • Client: Private Wealth Systems
  • Case: UX Design for a wealth management platform
  • Time: 6 months


Project summary:

An early version of the app was released and was received positively from external stakeholders. They noted its visual appeal and usability. Communications with the client were brief but insightful and the team was highly receptive to their feedback.


Feedback Summary

UXDA was hired by a fintech firm to redesign their web app's UI and improve UX.

UXDA's knowledge, focus, and flexibility were all impressive. The design aesthetic is wonderful but UXDA also highlighted areas where the user experience could be improved so they added value. I am simply blown away by the UXDA team’s attention to detail, thoughtfulness, and thoroughness. And the people are smart, nice, and fun to work with.


The Interview

Why Did Your Company Hire UXDA?

Our web application had an outdated user experience and a 5 yr old design. We hired UXDA to create a new design and improve the user experience.

We want to create a design for a new version of our system within 4 months so development could begin and the first product launched would be complete within 12 months of hiring UXDA.

How Did You Make the Selection?

Their team had specific industry experience. I didn't have to teach them our industry - very important.

Please Describe the Project Scope

UXDA was responsible for understanding my vision and taking the vision to create a new UI/UX. I would create sketches in powerpoint, explain them, and the rest UXDA did.

We had a team of 3 to 5 people from UXDA. I was the only person on my team dedicated to the project which meant UXDA had to do most of the work.

Share any Outcomes From the Project

We are currently developing the application based on completed designs. Early indication is very positive from clients who have seen the new look and feel.

How Effective Was the Workflow?

Fantastic. One of the best I have had. They were quick, detail oriented, and had strong follow up.

What Did You Find Most Impressive or Unique About UXDA?

Their knowledge, focus, and flexibility were all impressive. The people are smart, nice, and fun to work with.

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Alex, Founder/ CEO/ UX Strategist

Alex has dedicated half of his life to studying human psychology, as well as business success, developing 100+ digital projects and 30+ startups. He spent 10 years researching UX and finance to create UXDA's methodology. Alex is a passionate visionary who's capable of solving any challenge to improve the financial industry.

Linda, Co-founder/ COO/ CFO

Linda is a source of endless energy. An education in international business management and years-long experience with 20+ digital startups has made her a dedicated strategic thinker who solves any problem with grace. No mission is impossible for her. Linda's responsibility and punctuality have become a legend around the agency.