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User Experience Design

What is user experience design in banking and Fintech?

The definition of user experience design is understanding what the user feels, thinks and does while and after interacting with the digital service through ensuring this user centric service by researching, defining UX strategy, creating information architecture, wireframing, testing and UI design. 

User experience can be built purposefully or will appear accidentally. Either way, the user feels and thinks something while interacting with any digital service. The user will be pleased with a delightful experience, and his/her loyalty will therefore grow. That's why user experience design is critically important in the digital age, and should become the main approach in product development.

Digital experience design is a straightforward way to ensure the service matches the customer needs and expectations. User experience engineering includes a set of methods and tools. There are different combinations and practices, but the best user experience design approach should combine deep human psychology and domain expertise. A user experience specialist finds the best way to translate complex technology to the user language, thus providing a simple and intuitive way of using this technology. 

Here you will find the best articles by UXDA about user experience design, user experience strategy and user experience consulting.

Customers' Frustration: The Hidden Cost of Tech-Driven Banking Innovations

Modern banking executives must innovate effectively in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. While drawn to AI, blockchain, cloud infrastructure, and open banking APIs, they often overlook user experience (UX). This article explores how a user-driven approach to innovation can ensure financial brands' survival and success in the digital age.

Next-Gen Finance Revolution: Why Digital Excellence Can’t Wait

This article delves into the tension between the urgent need for next-gen, customer-centered financial products and the significant hurdles financial brands must overcome to deliver them and achieve digital excellence.

Psychology Meets Finance: 10 Laws for User-Centered App Design

Let's explore the psychology of financial and banking product users by looking into their minds, behaviours and main aspects of why certain products are disliked while others are desired.

UX Case Study: Reshaping Future Banking App through UX/UI Audit

UXDA's UX audit helped to enhance the user experience without designing a new mobile app from scratch, saving the company resources. This article uncovers our UX/UI audit approach to evaluating the digital product and strategic intervention for maximum impact with minimal effort.

Design Maturity: The Hidden Danger that Blocks Innovation in Banks

A study by InVision surveyed 2,200 companies worldwide, revealing that design maturity significantly impacts key business success indicators. Mature companies with a strong design focus enjoy a five times higher impact on revenue, cost savings, and time to market compared to less mature ones.

Double Red Dot Victory: World's Best Agency in Fintech Design

UXDA, the pioneering financial product design agency, has won two prestigious Red Dot Design Awards for its exceptional work in designing the banking super app my.t money for Mauritius Telecom, the largest telecommunications company in Mauritius.

UXDA's Brand Purpose Unleashed: Our Rebranding Journey

We are eager to share how we found a way to integrate a brand's soul into a visual identity with an elegant solution that required us to look deep into the purpose of our work.

CBDC Banking Could Disrupt Banks and “Steal” Their Funds in Three Years

The Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) could start a new age in banking by impacting the financial customer experience and, as a result, disrupting the traditional business model. Will this CBDC trend be a threat or bailout for the industry, and how can UX design help banks to prepare for it?

Here's Why Open Banking is the Future of Fintech Experience

Total digitalization has brought changes to the financial industry and the open banking revolution will make UX design crucial in the future.

10 Red Flags: Is It Time to Redesign Your Financial App?

It is vital for financial product success to deliver according to customers’ needs and wants. How is your banking doing at tackling the challenges of the experience age?

UX Design Review: What Private Wealth Systems Said About UXDA

This is a Clutch review recap of the wealth management platform for UHNWI experience UXDA designed for the Private Wealth Systems.