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Financial Technology

What is financial technology UX design?

The definition of financial technology (Fintech) is an innovative digital way to deliver financial services to the customers through mobile, desktop, wearable, VR/AR or voice assistant channels. Fintech companies usually compete with traditional banking solutions by improving and automating financial services using the internet and special software.

Today, the majority of consumers are using remote financial technology solutions, which is a more convenient way to use banking and financial services without extra efforts. However, the main problem occurred with the financial technology products because not all of them are easy and pleasant to use. Sometimes, it is not possible to achieve a needed solution because of complex usability, over-featuring, complex jargon, frustrating flow and other challenges.

This happens because of the lack of UX design efforts and competence with the stages of financial technology development. 

This is where financial technology startups outcompete traditional financial institutions with their sharp focus on consumer needs, problem solving and intuitive modern solutions. Financial technology consulting should start with defining the value that is planned to deliver to their customers─why this exact financial solution is built, how it benefits consumers and how it differs from others.

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