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Banking Solutions Design

What is banking solutions design?

We may define banking solutions design as a process of researching, analyzing, planning, and drawing with the aim of creating a digital interface that allows customers to remotely access a needed service from their bank. Digital product design can be provided for any type of banking solution, including: 

  • Investment banking UX / UI
  • Private banking UX / UI
  • Retail banking UX / UI
  • Commercial banking UX / UI
  • SME banking UX / UI
  • Corporate banking UX / UI
  • Personal banking UX / UI
  • Consumer banking UX / UI
  • Open banking platforms UX / UI
  • Core banking UX / UI
  • Insurtech UX / UI
  • Trade finance UX / UI
  • Treasury management UX / UI
  • Personal Finance Management UX / UI
  • Liquidity management UX / UI
  • Cryptocurrency banking UX / UI
  • Back office banking UX / UI
  • Personal insurance UX / UI
  • Business insurance UX / UI

Digital banking solution design must be unique and maximally correspond to the features of a particular solution. This is the only way to ensure the best fit to customer needs and business goals. 

As the first UX agency for banking solutions, UXDA has created a financial design methodology based on a Design Thinking approach, User Centered Design methods, Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) practice and UX design tools. UXDA methodology offers not only usable designs and appealing banking solutions, but also helps to implement an experience mindset, design approach and user centered values into the DNA of the financial business. This makes it more competitive and innovative in the long term.

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