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UXDA Celebrates 8th-year Achievements Gatsby Style


UXDA Celebrates 8th-year Achievements Gatsby Style

Happy 8th birthday, UXDA! Every year our team reaches more and more exciting peaks and passes through different challenges. But, eight years ago, no one said it would be easy. Looking back, we are grateful to those clients, followers and community who believe in the same values as we do─that humanizing the finance industry is possible. And that's what we do every day.

The 8th year of UXDA work has been very productive and busy for our team. We have served such clients as Emirates NBD, Garanti BBVA, GCash, Carson Group and others, enhancing their digital product experience. In total, this year we helped 17 financial brands and expanded our client relationships in 36 countries. Millions of end users have appreciated the digital financial experience designed by UXDA, which we can be proud of as we move onto new achievements.

This April 2023, the company turned 8 years old, and within this time UXDA team has:

  • Designed 112 digital financial products
  • Expanded services to 36 countries
  • Got 20+ world-famous awards, becoming the most awarded UX design agency in finance
  • Got Tier 1 banks, banking vendors and Fintechs on board
  • Published 311 articles in Forbes, FinancialBrand, Finextra, UX Planet, Muzli, UXDA blog, etc., read by 300K+ financial experts from 185 countries
  • Enhanced the purpose-driven approach in banking with the 7-step financial UX design methodology
  • Educated and trained 35 world-class financial UX architects and designers
  • Ensured solutions for millions of customers of leading FIs, such as Emirates NBD with 14M clients and GCash with 71M users

Every day for the past eight years, we have evolved our UX approach and methods to find the most efficient and best solutions for our clients and have designed emotionally engaging experiences that inspire.

And it's important to celebrate and value these achievements.


UXDA founders receiving a birthday surprise from the team - Linda and Alex

Inspired the UXDA Team to New Achievements

Customer experience innovation has a unique place in our corporate culture. We are constantly looking for the best solutions so that our customers discover new, disruptive perspectives for their digital services. To open new business opportunities for clients, UXDA experts collect inspiration from the most interesting experiences across all industries

To inspire our team even more, we decided to celebrate UXDA's birthday the way movie stars do─with first-class service, gourmet food and fantastic emotions accompanied by live music. To do this, we created the party atmosphere embodied by Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Great Gatsby.”

Every year is a pleasant challenge for management, as we want to surprise our fantastic team with a special birthday experience and create a whole new feeling. And what can be better than a premium, loud, bold and beautiful 20' feel in Gatsby style? Because the best team deserves the best!

UXDA’s Breakthrough Award and Oscar-like ceremony

As part of UXDA’s birthdays tradition, we also arranged the UXDA Breakthrough Award 2022, a special award to recognize our people’s outstanding accomplishments in the name of UXDA.


This year, we divided it into categories, as world-renowned awards, such as the A'Design Award, Red Dot, UX Design Award and others do. So we created three levels─Gold, Silver, and Gratitude─divided among team members who deserved it according to their contributions and breakthroughs for the company.

And, on our birthday, we rewarded our heroes by creating an Oscar-like ceremony. UXDA's Breakthrough Gold Award 2022 was received by Arita, Inese, Tamara, Dmitry and Oksana! We are proud to have such a team and senior professionals who invest daily energy to humanize financial products and help our clients find solutions to elevate their market advantage.


1st UXDA's Breakthrough Gold Award 2022. In photo - Alex, Arita and Linda


2nd UXDA's Breakthrough Gold Award 2022. In photo - Alex, Inese and Linda


3rd UXDA's Breakthrough Gold Award 2022. In photo - Alex, Tamara and Linda


4th UXDA's Breakthrough Gold Award 2022. In photo - Alex, Dmitry and Linda


5th UXDA's Breakthrough Gold Award 2022. In photo - Alex, Oksana and Linda

UXDA's Breakthrough Silver Award 2022 was received by Andra, Andrey, Edvins, Katya and Vents! Together with these talents, we can do so much more, and we greatly reward their energy and contribution for making this world a better place.


1st UXDA's Breakthrough Silver Award 2022. In photo - Alex, Andra and Linda


2nd UXDA's Breakthrough Silver Award 2022. In photo - Linda, Andrey and Alex


3rd UXDA's Breakthrough Silver Award 2022. In photo - Alex, Katya and Linda


4th UXDA's Breakthrough Silver Award 2022. In photo - Linda, Vents and Alex

And UXDA's Breakthrough Gratitude 2022 was received by Santa, Jelena, Diana, Baiba, Raitis and Julija! Congratulations, dear UXDA team!


UXDA's Breakthrough Gratitude 2022. In photo - Linda, Diana, Jelena, Julija, Santa, Baiba, Raitis and Alex.

At the end of the evening, the team was treated to a sweet surprise─a delicious birthday cake served to the accompaniment of the UXDA anthem, performed by the owner of the magical voice, Alice Kante. To hear the UXDA anthem, listen here.


Once again, we thank the team for their courage, development and contribution to achieving more for the UXDA mission and for every one of our clients. And thanks to our dear clients, followers and friends for the opportunity to be with you, serve you and help you achieve extraordinary results! We appreciate each of you and look forward to further sharing our experiences and humanizing the financial industry!


Thanks to everyone who helped to make the UXDA birthday event so special, magical and full of emotions. And, of course, a special gratitude to our Co-Founder, Linda Zaikovska-Daukste, for the whole idea behind it.

We are always proud of our team and its achievements, and we succeed in making this world a better place for people. Our belief is: why build boring things when we can transform people's everyday lives and bring humanity where others don't see it? We bring that value to digital financial services and our goal is to make them extraordinary!
- Linda Zaikovska-Daukste | UXDA Co-Founder


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Linda, Co-founder/ COO/ CFO

Linda is a source of endless energy. An education in international business management and years-long experience with 20+ digital startups has made her a dedicated strategic thinker who solves any problem with grace. No mission is impossible for her. Linda's responsibility and punctuality have become a legend around the agency.