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UX/UI Audit Review: What UNFCU Said About UXDA


UX/UI Audit Review: What UNFCU Said About UXDA

We are privileged to have contributed to the long-term strategy of enhancing the user experience for the United Nations Federal Credit Union (UNFCU) retail banking app. Explore the details of our collaboration in an insightful interview with Ben Rajan, the AVP of Application Development & UX at UNFCU in Long Island City, New York, available on the independent review platform Clutch

UNFCU is a financial institution that exclusively serves the United Nations community, with more than 200,000 members worldwide. UNFCU offers various banking services, such as savings, loans, and investment solutions customized to meet the distinctive needs of its clients. 

As a result, we created a UX/UI audit and prepared a prioritized action plan to enhance user experience for the UNFCU's retail mobile banking app.

About the Project

  • Client: UNFCU | The United Nations Federal Credit Union
  • Case: Retail mobile banking UX/UI assessment
  • Time: June to September 2023

Project summary

A financial nonprofit organization hired UXDA to conduct a UX/UI design evaluation. The team analyzed the client's mobile platform to spot usability issues and develop an action plan to enhance the experience.

Feedback summary

"UXDA was very efficient in their timelines while providing a quality output on their deliverables.

UXDA delivered a detailed UX/UI design report with crucial insights and major paint points of the mobile platform. The team met all goals and timelines and maintained regular communication throughout the project. Their efficiency and high-quality deliverables were outstanding.

The Interview

What your company does in a single sentence?

We are a not-for-profit cooperative with a mission to serve the financial needs of the UN community.

What specific goals or objectives did you hire UXDA to accomplish?

  • Retail mobile banking UX/UI assessment

How Did You Make the Selection?

  • High ratings
  • Pricing fit our budget
  • Company values aligned

How many teammates from UXDA were assigned to this project?

2-5 employees

Please Describe the Project Scope

Evaluate the mobile user experience for retail customers at UNFCU to identify possible usability issues and explore recommendations. Based on this assessment, develop an action plan outlining the following initiatives to enhance members' digital experience: removing friction points and addressing their needs.

Share any Outcomes From the Project

UXDA provided final report that detailed key insights and major paint points for our mobile platform in terms of UI/UX.

How Effective Was the Workflow?

UXDA met all goals and timelines for this project and was in constant communication throughout the process. Excellent work!

What Did You Find Most Impressive or Unique About UXDA?

UXDA was very efficient in their timelines while providing a quality output on their deliverables.

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