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Who is the UX designer in banking and Fintech?

Often, a UX designer is  defined as a highly skilled digital product design expert who is capable of ensuring a full UX engineering process, as well as user interface design. If perceived in this way, the user experience designer looks like a universal soldier who can do everything. 

It's not so optimistic in real life. Of course, UX skills are a must for any user interface designer to perform better and provide user centered solutions, but it is not enough to simply become a UX architect because, to create a delightful user experience, you need to analyze and define business specifics and context; market context and competitor advantages; user psychology, expectations and behavior; and technology opportunities and limitations. This requires analytical skills, deep empathy, systems thinking (which requires brain structures opposite to aesthetic perception of the world) and hunger for visual harmony, all characteristics that the best user interface designers should possess.

That's why it is better to use the name "UX/UI designer" or even just "UI designer" for a specialist who designs a user interface for financial services. If we mean user experience design, then "UX architect'' will be an appropriate name for the role. We believe that, only through the synergy of a UX architect and UI designer, the best financial services can develop.

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