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Financial Dashboard Design

What is financial dashboard design?

UXDA experts define a financial dashboard as a digital user interface that shows primary data or key performance indicators (KPIs) based on actual service processes. In banking, it could be the first page of desktop banking or mobile banking that shows balances, monthly income and spending, recent transactions, budget forecasts, recent bills, key notifications, etc.

To design a financial dashboard, you need to audit banking features, explore user context and expectations and find the best way to provide complex financial information in an easy and clear way. It is not easy to combine multiple forms of data into a smooth and clear dashboard, so it is vital to explore best financial dashboard designs that ensure a fresh and inspiring approach to banking UI design.

How to create best financial dashboard design?

1. Explore users' goals, pains, tasks, patterns and expectations;

2. Prioritize user scenarios;

3. Choose TOP insights to provide;

4. Make intuitive and simple Information Architecture (IA);

5. Design the user interface in accordance with IA using the right visual accents and hierarchy.

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